I am a Singer Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer based in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges.  I  have a mad passion for strings and all things musical…

I have been writing music  and performing my own original material since I was a teenager.  My journey as a musician began when I was a child.  I would  sing or hum myself to sleep. When I was about seven I recall having a dream about playing the harp, I had never seen an actual harp – but the idea of it and  the desire to play remained with me. I began learning the guitar when I was twelve after being told by my grandmother that she did not think the violin was the ‘right’ instrument forme.

Deep in my heart I wanted to play the harp – but a harp was not an instrument that a girl growing up in North Western NSW was likely to acquire. So I became satisfied by the beauty of my guitar.

My love for traditional acoustic folk instruments began in high school and has continued to grow. Now I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by  instruments and wonderful musicians. One day I hope to go to Ireland and learn my about my Irish roots and what life in Ireland might have been like for my forebears.

I have produced several albums of recorded music:

2014 – Keep Your Head Above the Clouds

2013 – A Million Stars

2012 & 1998 – Here to Stand

2002 – Fly to the Moon

1995 – Carry God’s Light

1990/1 – People of A Promising Land

You may like the special touch of an original song for a friend or family event.  I have written music for Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, Birthdays, Memorials, Engagements, School Songs and Hymns for school and religious use.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about a Song-writing Gift you want to pass onto to someone else either by way of actual song for a loved one or a Workshop experience in Song-writing.