StringSong Music Tuition

StringSongMusic is my working label for producing my music.

The name StringSong comes from my passion and love of “all things with strings…” When I was a child I had a mad fascination for anything that made a noise, the sound of the wind blowing in the trees, water running or cockies screeching. All the sounds of the Australian bush inspire me to want to create sounds that are my own. There is something very special about plucking a string, holding an instrument close as its notes ring out and mastering the beauty of music. For me this is what StringSong Music is about. I provide Music Tuition in Voice, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Celtic Harp, Mandolin and Ukulele, as well as Song-writing, Recording, Arranging, Tech skills and Loop Based performance.


Lessons & Workshops

I work with people of all ages mentoring and teaching about crafting and developing your skills as a musician and creative producer of your chosen art-form. I have been a teacher in a variety of educational settings in public and private schools, as well as running my own private music studio.

Group Lessons

If you wish to have group lessons with friends that can be arranged for up to 3 people. Rates for these lessons are per individual – and are subject to Ongoing & Casual fees as required.

Fees – Ongoing & Casual

Lessons are usually booked and paid for a term in advance so that a set time and discounted rate can be applied to half hour and hourly time slots.

You can also attend lessons on a Casual basis meaning lessons are ad hoc and based on weekly availability.

Half hour & hourly lessons:

I offer individual students tuition in Voice, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Celtic Harp, Mandolin and Ukulele.


Lessons – Mon – Fri

Times – 10am – 7pm

Timetable – Government school terms and by arrangement during school holidays

StringSong Workshops

Workshops are organised as one off events throughout the year or with individuals & or small groups according to needs relating to songwriting, recording, arranging and publishing.

Workshop areas covered:





1 – 3 hour sessions

by arrangement

(Individual or small group sessions)


Bookings & Contact

If you would like to make a Performance Booking or an Inquiry re Music Tuition please feel free to contact Leeann below

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.