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Learn to play Celtic Harp with Leeann Flynn, StringSong Music


The Celtic harp is one of the most relaxing and endearing instruments both for player and the listener. When  listening to this particular harp it is easy to understand how the gentle sounds of the instrument help people to feel peace and calm. The harp is both inspiring and interesting to people everywhere and it is a gift to others when someone shares its beautiful sounds. Celtic harp music has a rich history and touches each person deeply… it is music for joy, sadness, love and rest.

Here are some more reasons to play Celtic Harp…

  1. 1. The sound and feeling from the harp gives the player a great sense of inner peace
  2. 2. Accompanying someone as they sing is easy
  3. 3. There is a wide variety of sheet music available for instrumental playing
  4. 4. You can play just about any style of music on the harp
  5. 5. Composing your own music on the harp is very pleasurable
  6. 6. It has been said that the sound of the harp’s strings being plucked can help to relieve physical aches and pain
  7. 7. Harpers have been known to help babies and people who suffering an illness to fall asleep as they listen to harp’s gentle sounds
  8. 8. Learning the harp engages the left and right hemispheres of the brain and strengthens body – brain connections
  9. 9. The satisfaction of being able to carry on ancient tradition which brings with it echoes from another time
  10. 10. Playing the harp is a highly physical activity and helps the player maintain cardio vascular health, as the harpers arms are always raised as they play which ensures healthy blood flows.

Leeann playing and accompanying herself as she sings ‘A woman’s Heart’ at the Art n All That Jazz’ Art exhibition.

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