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Dietes – A clump-forming, rhizomatous perennial from South Africa.

We have been living in the Iluka/ Woombah area now for several months.

When we arrived it was winter and there were so many lovely shades of green – it rained hard for a few days and since then no rain really (maybe it has been 2 months now without rain). I realise we are more fortunate in terms of rainfall here than many of our friends and family who live further inland from the coast and have had little if no rain at all.

Since the 1st of September the garden has come alive. A new friend told us that at this time of year ‘it is as if the flowers just know it is time to wake up’ and they do. I have a baby Japanese Maple that I brought with me from our garden in Victoria. I have been worried it was about to die. During our travels between leaving Victoria and moving into our new home the Maple suffered the misfortune of being nibbled by a rabbit one evening when I left it outside in the fresh air. Now however, after being re-potted and given some fresh soil she seems to have come back with to strong healthy branches and a tiny curl of leaves forming between them.

I am learning a lot about how things grow in a new climate. So far it has not been very hard as most things love it here as much we do. You are welcome to add a tip for me about planting, veggie patching, mulching or anything you love to share about your favourite plants…