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Life Finds a Way…

Sadly, many communities around the country know what life during the bushfires was like. For our small community in the lower Clarence it started late September… the ominous feeling that something was coming, but who knew when. It was a harrowing time, and sometimes is still very heartbreaking when I think of the destruction.

So many friends and family members around the country contacted me to see how we were … and then the fires were not only here but in so many small and large communities across the country. The feeling of helplessness was overshadowed by a sense of wonder at how many lives were being affected and how many people were out there helping each other.

Now we are all faced with another situation which not only effects our own country but the lives us so many globally with CV19. I know we will get through this, and like the fires some of us very sadly won’t make it. I for one will be doing my best to help make things better. We are living in a time where everyone must do their small bit to help each other.

We must savour our time 🙂

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