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Life in the Lower Clarence Valley

Loving the Iluka Markets & Emporium

Who doesn’t love a good local country market? Last weekend  being out and about in the Clarence Valley was great. I had the good fortune of playing of being able …

Bass Guitar Lessons

What About the Bass

Have you ever thought to yourself “I love that cool groove, maybe I should learn the Bass Guitar”? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 …

Singing Lessons

Singing Practice or Just Singing

Singing can be so much fun, our favourite songs can take us back in time or bring feelings of intense joy, peace and euphoria, as well as help us tap …

Gardening Along the Lower Clarence River

Learning to Garden along the Lower Clarence River

We have been living in the Iluka/ Woombah area now for several months. When we arrived it was winter and there were so many lovely shades of green – …

Celtic Harp Lessons Life in the Lower Clarence Valley

The Clarence at Sunset

I was sitting on the banks of the Clarence River looking out towards Maclean and playing my guitar recently as the sun was setting. The smoke from the fires at …