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Singing Lessons

How to Warm-Up & Practice Singing in Your Car Each Day

Singing Lessons with Leeann Flynn can booked through StringSong Music. Singing practice can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are a busy person. Of course the ideal situation for practicing …

Celtic Harp Lessons

Top 10 reasons to play Celtic Harp –

Learn to play Celtic Harp with Leeann Flynn, StringSong Music [cdbaby]3f6071fb-74aa-42e7-ad24-9c12525fb03[/cdbaby] The Celtic harp is one of the most relaxing and endearing instruments both for player and the listener. When …

Ukulele Lessons

Learning the Ukulele – How to enrich your Brain…

Norwegian Wood performed by Leeann Flynn on the Ukulele The Ukulele is an instrument that appeals to all ages and is fun to play as your first instrument or yet …

Banjo Lessons

Banjo: a very friendly instrument to learn to play

I first became inspired to play banjo after seeing Billy Connolly and Ralph McTell playing together, Ralph was playing his guitar tenderly and Billy was of course playing banjo. After …

Singing Lessons

Top 13 Ways to Get the most from singing lessons

Know Your Voice The Voice is our first instrument. A good singing teacher or voice coach will help you to appreciate and understand how ‘your’ voice works. No two vocalists …