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Norwegian Wood performed by Leeann Flynn on the Ukulele

The Ukulele is an instrument that appeals to all ages and is fun to play as your first instrument or yet another to tuck under your arm and minstrel your way down the road of life. When choosing your ukulele the first thing to consider is what size you want. Ukuleles more commonly come in four sizes: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. Each size brings with it sounds that are unique to the particular size. As with string instruments in general, smaller sizes are sweeter and higher as opposed to the larger sizes being deeper and lower. Each instrument has it’s own rich sound and is worth experimenting with to know what suits you.

Music and its effects on the brain are well documented; enhancing long and short term memory, growth of new neural pathways and even pain relief. Playing the ukulele relieves stress and helps you let go of your everyday worries; giving your chattering mind a break.

Some more reasons to play the Ukulele:

It sounds beautiful

Increases co-ordination and fine motor skills

Enhances body –brain connections

Mental Agility

Develops skills of co-processing

Enhances well-being

Lifts the spirit

A great sense of unity with the instrument occurs and a sense of being in your own centred space

Promotes Social Engagement –

Playing with and for others gives pleasure to the player and the listener.

A very portable instrument

It easy, portable, sounds sweet.

If you are interested in making an inquiry about Booking Leeann for Ukulele Lessons in the Lower Clarence Valley or via Skype (Singing, Bass, Banjo, Celtic Harp & Autoharp, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Mandolin & Ukulele)  or Performances please use Leeann’s Contact Form.

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