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Leeann’s Music

Leeann’s music is available for purchase via this webpage:


StringSong’s Online Music Tuition

StringSong Music offers tuition in a number of musical instruments as well as skills based learning in Music production, Composition & Recording.

Online music lessons will be available to students in 2022. Online lessons are great for students who: live in regional, remote locations or who are traveling. Students who are ill or need to study from home may also find this a great option for learning their favourite instrument.


How it Works

1. Choose an Instrument or Skill that you would like to learn more about.

Autoharp                Banjo                     Bass                         Celtic Harp


Flute                   Guitar                       Keyboard                    Mandolin


Singing                    Ukulele                 Looping


Songwriting           Stagecraft            Recording




2. Decide on what time of day suits you the most and how long you want your lesson to be. Think about whether you want your lessons weekly or as one off casual times every now and then.

Depending on your interest and skill level both options are available and can be tailored  according to your needs.


Online Lesson Tools

3. Choose an online platform that you feel familiar with and comfortable using. (Skype & Facetime are generally encouraged for security reasons)

Other App options are also available.

Book Your Lesson

4. Message Leeann at StringSong Music to make a booking for your first lesson.

Fees & Payment Options

Fees are based on 30min or 1hour lessons which can be Casual or Ongoing.

Payment can be done over the phone, online via NPP or via PayPal. Contact Leeann@StringSong Music for a chat or text.

More about Leeann

Leeann is an experienced musician, singer songwriter & recording artist and qualified teacher with a wealth of experience in music producing and mentoring. Lessons can be taken online via Skype, Facetime or Messenger.